[ace-bugs] [ACE]: [calling purge_pending_notifications() before notify() leads to dead-lock]

Jack Wong pandawkx at 163.com
Mon Nov 28 02:12:29 CST 2016

(this bug still exists in version 6.4.0)

Our test codes looks like this:

1:while (true)
3:    reactor()->purge_pending_notifications(xxx);
4:    reactor()->notify(xxx);

after a while , we found dead-lock occurs at  line 4.


I check the code and found that :

purge_pending_notifications can only purge message in notify queue

messages in pipe can not be purged

so calling notify() after purge_pending_notifications() can always leads one message be write to pipe

So when I keep calling like this , soon buffer of pipe will full and notify() will be blocked , then dead-lock occurs


we are using this two interfaces building important functions of our application

we will appreciate it if this bug being fixed soon


poor English, sorry!
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