[Ace-users] gettimeofday across acetasks

sunil sunilsreenivas2001 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 6 17:42:42 CST 2008

Hello Guys,
 I have multi threaded (ace tasks) ace program. One thread is keeping
a periodic timer and when timeout happens its communicating to other
threads using message queues. The other thread processes the time out
request and publishes out a number.This thread when publishing thread
also needs to compute the skew since it processes the timeout request
sometime after actual timeout happens...I am planning to add a
timestamp (one returned from gettimeofday()) in timeout request from
thread 1 so that thread 2 can compute the skew as gettimeofday()-
timestamp in request. Will this be accurate? Esentially will
gettimeofday() method work properly  across multiple threads?

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