[Ace-users] [ace-users] Proactor on WIN32 with multiprocessor Xeon - anyonegot this working?

Alexander Libman alexander.libman at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 28 22:08:56 CST 2008

Hi Chris,
The Proactor_Test does not perform gracefull shutdown.
It may work for single CPU platform, but easily can have access violation on
multi-CPU box.
The problem is that   Proactor_Test starts to delete Client/Server instances
while completion callbacks can be active
in Proactor_Task  thread pool.
The correct solution  can be  two step shutdown process:
a) initiate cancellation of all pending operation using cancel() and
closesocket() methods
   (you should use both of them as Windows CancelIO() could have no effect )
b) waiting on special event/condition when all Clients/Servers are


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