[Ace-users] [ace-users] How to get a process own memory usage?

Adam Mitz mitza at ociweb.com
Wed Jan 30 08:34:26 CST 2008

>> Reactor framework mian process handle.
> The Reactor framework doesn't have a "main process handle".
>> I want use this function:
>> BOOL GetProcessMemoryInfo(
>>  HANDLE Process,
>>  DWORD cb
>> );
> Ok, so what is preventing you from using that function?

You can call GetCurrentProcess() to obtain a HANDLE that represents the 
current process.

Seems like this is no longer an ACE question, but a Win32 question.  
Therefore you should probably follow-up to a different newsgroup or 
forum if you have further Win32-specific questions.

Adam Mitz
Software Engineer
Object Computing, Inc.

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