[ciao-users] AMI4CCM 1.1 and IDL2C++11 1.2 adopted

Johnny Willemsen jwillemsen at remedy.nl
Wed Jul 1 09:39:32 CDT 2015

Hi all,

The OMG Architecture Board has recently adopted AMI4CCM 1.1 and IDL2C++11 1.2! You can find both revised specifications on the OMG website. 

TAOX11 has been already been updated to comply with the revised IDL2C++11 specification. Our AXCIOMA component framework already supports both revised specifications!

Best regards,

Johnny Willemsen
Remedy IT

AMI4CCM 1.1 Specification                                    ptc/15-01-03
  IDL file                                                   ptc/15-01-07

IDL2C++11 1.2 Specification                                  ptc/15-01-10

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