[Esml-users] Getting an XML export of ESML

Jesse Greenwald jesse at cis.ksu.edu
Mon Apr 26 13:00:25 CDT 2004


Is it possible to generate the XML versions of the ESML GME files? 
Specifically, I want an XML export that corresponds to XML schema
generated from the ESML UDM model.

I have tried "File -> Export XML...", but this generates a file that
corresponds to the GME XML schema.  I have also looked at the
interpreters that are bundled with ESML, but it looks like none of them
generate ESML XML.  I've also tried to do it with OTIF, but the OTIF
tool adapters don't seem to do provide me with the ESML XML document
when an ESML GME document is published.

Hope my question makes sense :).


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