[Esml-users] Re: RE Esml-users Event ports with null event refs

Sandeep Neema sandeep at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed May 12 14:51:15 CDT 2004

These are the ACL properties that I am referring to. I believe that you
need the Teknowledge plug-in to look at/or edit those attributes in
Rose. The Teknowlege plug-in generates the PRISM xml file that is used
to seed the ESML model.

Here is an XML generated with that plugin.


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Hi Sandeep,

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 22:57, Sandeep Neema wrote:
> Jesse,
> The specific events to publish are often instance-specific decision
> a Component user can customize the specific event-types published by a
> component when instantiating a component in the system. This is the
> reason why these event references are 'null'. In fact this information
> (i.e. null event-types) is coming from the PRISM interface of Rational
> Rose, where some publish/subscribe ports of components are typed with
> 'ANY Event'. 

Is the Rational Rose model that you are talking about the one that is
included with the OEP releases from Boeing?  I've looked at the Rose
model that comes with the 3.0 release of the OEP and I don't see what
you are referring too.  In the model I'm look at, most of the components
simply use the abstract BM__EventSink (of which there is only one
implementation - BM__UpdateEventSinkAdapter_T) for consuming events and
the UUEventSupplier for publishing events.  Is there some attribute or
association that I'm missing?


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