[Esml-users] how do i run matlab2xml.exe?

Zeng QingHua zqhkd at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Jun 30 14:11:27 CDT 2006

  How do you do?
  I want to transfer simulink .mdl file to xml format
file. so, i try your software MDL2XML.exe. 
  Firstly, i download ECSL(12-16-03 release) from your
webaddress and get a local file ECSL-12-16-03.zip.
then i unzip this file. at last, i enter the dos
command and enter the \ECSL-12-16-03\bin directory,
and copy my xx.mdl file into \bin directory, and enter
command as follow in the dos command prompt:
    mdl2xml.exe xx.dml
  but system popup a error window which prompt is no
find MSVCRTD.dll. So i download a  MSVCRTD.dll file
from www, and run it again. but system report error
that line 5 : expecting RBRACE, found
  i'm very anxious to slove it. please help me!
  thank you again.
  your sincerely,



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