[gme-users] If statment in the metamodel

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Aug 11 11:34:29 CDT 2005

If you stick with the "action" metaphore, then you can develop an add-on
that catches attribute modification events an acts accordingly (connects
and disconnects A, B and C)
Other choices: 

1.you can write a constraint that shows a dialog when the attribute
value is modified asking the user to perform the disconnecting needed

2.you can add the logic of ignoring connection AB or AC depending on the
attribute value to your interpreters, the model remaining 

3.you can add an enum attribute to the AB, AC connections, showing
whether the connection is "active" or "inactive", then swap these values
according to the attr value in ModelA. This task can be done by an
add-on or interpreter.

Br, Zoli

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> Dear all
> I would like to know how can I define different action in one 
> attribute.
> To explain my question I'll give an example.
> You assume I have three Model: Model A, Model B, Model C.
> Model A and Model B are connected by associated connection 
> AB. Model A and Model C are connected by associated connection AC.
> Model A has an enumerator attribute. IF user choose the 
> choice 1 in this attribute connection AB will be active and 
> connection AC will be inactive. If user choose choice 2 vise versa. 
> Thanks
> Orangi 
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