[gme-users] association-like notation

Manfred Heckler manfred.heckler at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 11:21:32 CDT 2005


I'd like to use a notation in my models, which is similar to the
notation of association classes in the meta model. This can be thought
of an "association" not only in the meta model, but in the model

For example, I'd like to express the predicate: "We 'go' from town
'Leipzig' to town 'Hannover' 'by bus'" or "... 'by train'".

"go" is the name of the connection between the kind "town". When we
have such a connection between 'Leipzig' and 'Hannover', I'd like to
add the association 'by' simply be adding a kind 'vehicle' named "bus"
(or "train") and connect / associate it to the 'go'-connection.

Is it possibe, to express such scenario in GME?

Yours sincerly,

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