[gme-users] Port name, References

Orangi, Abdollah rngb at chevron.com
Mon Aug 29 17:57:13 CDT 2005

Dear all

I have two question:
1- I have created some port for a model. When I add these port to my
model, these port have been showed in two or at most three letters for
port name.
Do you know how can I visualize them more than three letter.

2- When I have a reference and I want to drag and drop associated model
to it, it should take the model's name but it doesn't.

For example I have a references which is called PPP_REFRENCES. This is
referred to KKK model.
When I drag KKK model and drop it on PPP_REFRENCES, the name of the
model is still PPP_REFRENCES.

I know if I copy my model and paste special as a reference the name will
be changed to the model name, but I am looking for a short key. ( I have
tried Ctrl + Shift )


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