[gme-users] how transform PIM to PSM and PSM to CODE in GME

Jeff Gray gray at cis.uab.edu
Fri Dec 2 15:01:25 CST 2005


Your question is very broad - perhaps a better response can be provided if
you offer more details in your goals.


Perhaps you are thinking that that GME is a specific UML modeling tool - the
GME is actually meta-programmable tool that permits the creation of
domain-specific modeling environments. Hence, the reason that most on this
list will feel that your question needs a more narrowed focus.


In general, you can convert from the ideas of PIM to PSM using model
transformation. There are a few tools that would be suitable for this, such
as GReAT. From the transition to code, the traditional GME approach is to
write a model interpreter for a specific modeling language.




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how I can  transform PIM to PSM and PSM to CODE with GME




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