[gme-users] Deploying interpreters

Attila Vizhanyo viza at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Dec 7 12:50:56 CST 2005

You don't need to worry about scripting the interpreter registration,
because BON/ BON2 components register themselves automatically through
the default COM registration entry point DllRegisterServer. Thus you can
	regsvr32.exe YourInterpreter.dll

As for the paradigm registration, you need to invoke the MetaGME
interpreter using MgaLauncher in silent mode (pass 128 as the last
pararameter to MgaLauncher.RunComponent. 
Here is a VB Script that registers a GME paradigm specified as command
line argument:

' CreateXMP.vbs <mga_file>
'	Invokes the MetaGME 2004 Interpreter on 'mga_file'
'	registers the paradigm, and produces an output .xmp 
'	file in that file's folder
' Arguments:
'	1. <mga_file>: GME model in the MetaGME paradigm 
mga_file= WScript.arguments.item( 0)
Set oMGAProj= CreateObject( "Mga.MgaProject")
oMGAProj.Open "MGA=" & mga_file
'MsgBox mga_file
Set launcher= CreateObject( "Mga.MgaLauncher")
launcher.RunComponent "MGA.Interpreter.MetaGME 2004", oMGAProj, Nothing,
Nothing, CLng( 128)


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Hi Aditya

It would be really great if you could send me the paradigm and 
interpreter registration VB scripts.

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