[gme-users] please help me about this error ...

Aditya Agrawal aditya.agrawal at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 14:14:46 CST 2005

Hi seyamak,


Did you install Visual Studio after you installed GReAT? If so you will have
to manually add the visual studio directory to your path. 


Otherwise you can reinstall GReAT and it will do it for you.


As for PIM to PSM transformation: you will need to do the following,


1.	Use the UML class diagram paradigm and create some PIMs. These will
be classes that have no platform information.


2.	Then you can use GReAT to write a transformation that converts the
PIMs to a particular PSM (e.g convert generic classes to say Java classes) 



I hope this helps.






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Hi ,I setup visual studio in my computer (d:\programfiles\visual studio)

but The GR Engine give follow error:



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