[gme-users] Converting to managed code with BON2

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Nov 9 16:39:25 CST 2005

The latest GME version contains a BON2 which has not been ported to be
compileable as Managed Code. We plan the next release to contain that
However, if you are willing to try it out I could send you the changed
BON2 files.

Br, Zoli

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> Hi, Zoltan,
>   The following is your post on issue of converting unmanaged 
> code skeleton to managed. I am wondering if this issue has 
> been  addressed by GME 5 released in September.
>   I am using BON2 to access models and because of user 
> requirements, we need to use windows forms. With BON, there 
> was no problem after I used the same approach as you 
> mentioned in your post. However, with BON2, I got the 
> following compiling errors:
> c:\program files\gme\sdk\bon\exceptions.cpp(161) : error 
> C2349: 'BON::Exception::Exception' cannot be compiled using 
> /clr: 'functions containing both copy constructed arguments 
> and inline asm are not supported'; compile without /clr
> thanks
> Cong Zhang
> PhD Candidate
> EE-Systems, University of Southern California
> Hi,
> Currently components generated by CreateNewComponent.exe 
> (interpreters, plug-ins, add-ons) are plain unmanaged C++ 
> code skeletons. That's why you can't insert managed code, or 
> new items from the Form designer  into such a dll, unless you 
> convert the whole project to compile with the /clr flag, thus 
> becoming managed. This conversion process consists of the 
> following settings in the project properties dialog box: 1.in 
> the General section: set 'Use Managed Extensions' to Yes (in 
> VStudio 2003) 2.in the C/C++ section/ Code Generation 
> Subsection: Basic Runtime Checks must be changed from 'BOTH 
> (/RTC1)' to 'Default'
> For BON2 components this is not enogh, needs some additional 
> work, in spite of MicroSoft stating it is 'It Just Works' 
> technology. For BON (version 1) components and for RAW Com 
> components this migration is feasible, so you can use the 
> Windows Forms controls after that. (Important to note: to 
> implement a Raw Com interpreter the user needs some COM 
> technology knowledge.)
> If you do NOT want to stick with managed code, you can 
> benefit by accessing your models with BON2 (instead of 
> old-fashioned, slow BON or difficult COM), but you'd have to 
> use classes in MFC like CDialog for implementing Dialog boxes 
> (instead of Forms).
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