[gme-users] Using managed DLLs in BON

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Nov 28 15:22:17 CST 2005


If you get (note: I do) the 
error during link, then that might be a reason of that crash, or rather
deadlock (while initializing global variables) as the 



articles explain.

Based on these, it may happen that we need to adjust a bit the current
GME code to work around this issue.

[My plain managed interpreter ran without the symptoms you experienced.]
Br, Zoli

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> I am wondering how to use managed DLLs that are created in 
> .NET in the BON project. I am using VS.NET 2003. My goal is 
> to use managed code in the BON project and also be able to 
> use the managed DLLs in the BON project. I changed the 
> project property to use managed extensions. So there is no 
> problem using managed code. However, I am still having 
> problem using managed DLLs. Whenever I run the interpreter, 
> there's always the following error message, saying
> MgaUtil
> An application error has occurred in component 
> MGA.Interprter.<mycomponent>. The system might not be in a 
> stable state any more. Please save your work and restart the GME.
> thanks
> Cong
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