[gme-users] Register Component

Naiser, Samuel L samuel.l.naiser at lmco.com
Wed Oct 5 15:24:44 CDT 2005

I tried to register my interpreter again today and still get a "Verify
has Failed!" error.

I checked ComponentConfig.h and the #define REGISTER_SYSTEMWIDE is

commented out.  Also, when I run the Register dialog, the radio button
for User

is selected and in fact, the buttons are grayed out.  I did set the
priorities for

Security for the dll so that it could be used by all, no help.

Any ideas will be great.

Thank you, 

Sam Naiser


Samuel L Naiser

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

samuel.l.naiser at lmco.com

Office:  817-935-3839


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