[gme-users] Model interpreter source

Jing Zhang zhangj at cis.uab.edu
Mon Sep 26 20:25:30 CDT 2005

Hello all,

I'm working on a research regarding model interpreter evolution in
terms of meta-model transformation.
The motivation of this research is that whenever the meta-model undergoes
any changes along with the domain evolution, the interpreters that are
defined previously would possibly become invalid under the new meta-model.
Currently the interpreters have to be modified manually in order to
adapt to the new meta-model. The research investigates approaches to
facilitate (and automate to some extent) such process.

If you've ever encountered the above problem during DSM development,
would you like to share your experience with me?
I'm also collecting the source code for different interprters in different
domains. If anyone is willing to share your interpreter source, I would
greatly appreciate it!!
Thank you in advance! Any comments or suggestions are very welcome!


Jing Zhang
PhD Candidate

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