[gme-users] import xml into GME

Naiser, Samuel L samuel.l.naiser at lmco.com
Wed Apr 5 15:34:15 CDT 2006

I have created a GReAT Transformation to transfor data in XML format
into a GME Model.

This works fine.  I then export the GME Model to XML so that I can
import this into

yet another GME Model containing objects needed for an interpreter.

The SAtimeUnits attribute is defined in the metamodel as an enum with
values: sec, ms, us, ps, ns

As you can see, the value is expected to be "ms" and always is "us", the

Why does the value not become "ms" instead of the default of the enum?  


<model id="id-0065-00000090" kind="SAction" role="SAction" relid="0x1"


            <attribute kind="RTduration">



            <attribute kind="SAdelay" status="meta">



            <attribute kind="SApriority">



            <attribute kind="SAtimeUnits" status="meta">



            <attribute kind="SAworstCase">



            <attribute kind="processor">





Thank you,

Sam Naiser


Samuel L Naiser

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

samuel.l.naiser at lmco.com

Office:  817-935-3839


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