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Steven Nordstrom steve-o at isis.vanderbilt.edu
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Yes, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away I got it working once,
mostly :) This was GME2000, mind you. The trickiest part is getting
everything installed (wine has had problems with install shield for
ages). Also, GME is only part of the "model based development" equation,
you still need other tools like Visual Studio, UDM, GReAT, etc. and
such. So, using wine to run GME is not so ideal, especially now that
VMware player and VMware server for Linux are free and you can and
run/manage a windows install from inside Linux no problem.

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In past others have successfully run GME on Linux over Wine (steve?). I
am not sure if this has been tried with the current versions of GME. I
am not aware of anyone using Crossover Office to run GME





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Before I start, let me qualify this by saying that GME works just fine
for me on Windows XP, and this question is explorative in nature.

Not too long ago I tried to install GME on CrossOver office (version 5),
which allows Windows apps to run on Linux.  The install didn't work, and
I was wondering if anyone else has tried/considered this.

-Joe Porter
Southwest Research Institute

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