[gme-users] Bug of PatternProcessor

Anantha Narayanan Ananth at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Apr 13 15:39:28 CDT 2006


I cannot offer much help about the built in pattern processor in GME,
But if you are interested, there is an alternative. It is similar to the
built in pattern processor, but uses an OCL based pattern language that
is easier to handle, and offers more powerful constructs for iteration
and recursion for traversing data and printing text. Please email me if
you would like more information.


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I wrote a pattern file and got the following error:

"Error: Too long line
file: F:\ExportXMLPattern.pat line: 8"

I checked the pattern file is error-free. The reason for the long line
is that two nested $!EVAL_FORALL and two $!EVAL_WITH macros are used for
each identified model object and there are several output operations for
each macro.

I am wondering if this is a bug of the Pattern Processor or if there's
any way to get around this problem.

Thanks a lot.
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