[gme-users] How to get the chidren of a model within current aspect only?

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Apr 17 10:33:15 CDT 2006

You can provide the aspect object as an incoming parameter for 
 getChildFCOs( const MON::FCO& meta = MON::FCO(), const MON::Aspect&
aspect = MON::Aspect() );

Aspect objects can be obtained from 
Aspects() method of Mon::Project

Mon::Project can be obtained from 
getProjectMeta() method of BON::ProjectImpl

Thus something like: project->getProjectMeta().aspects() should give you
back the aspects.

Br, Zoli

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> Hi
> I tried to use the getChildFCOs() method of ModelImpl in BON2 
> to get the child FCOs of a model within current aspect. It 
> seemed to me it returned all the child FCOs within ALL the 
> aspects. How can I get the child FCOs for current aspect only?
> Thanks,
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