[gme-users] Connections and Aspects

anima anima at worldonline.de
Sun Aug 13 18:04:51 CDT 2006


I am modeling a graph with nodes and edges, so I have two questions about 
connections and aspects:

Is there a way to let the connections be drawn straight? I want to have 
straight edges between the nodes and not to let them break into vertical and 
horizontal segments. It doesn't look great in the middle of the graph when 
there are many edges.

Is there a way to preserve the positions of my modeling elements (here 
nodes) when switching between
aspects? I have e.g. two apsects:
"connectivity" where one can see the nodes with edges and
"nodes" where only nodes are visible. So when I switch from "connectivity" 
to "nodes"
the nodes are then jammed together in the upper left corner :-(

Thank you in advance for your help!


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