[gme-users] GME tutorial question: a paradigm for routers that have a fixed setof ports?

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Aug 15 17:49:08 CDT 2006


Currently you can do that only if you construct once the router and you
copy it to the clipboard, then paste into an editor (e.g. Wordpad) .
Thus you get the XML representation of the router. So later if you would
like to use a preconstructed router you can insert into Gme through the
clipboard from your saved file. 

The other way people choose to work around is to have a component
(interpreter) which can construct routers etc. based on the selection
made by the user on the interpreter's user interface.

Br, Zoli

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> Hi,
> I've been working through the long GME tutorials, and have
> a question about the way "Routers" are modeled.
> Suppose I want to provide the modeler with a paradigm
> that includes router models that are *preconfigured* with
> a standard set of ports, so that when the router is dragged 
> from the parts browser it is not necessary to manually add 
> the ports.  In other words, suppose all of my routers always 
> have exactly ports "e0", "e1", and "s0", and I don't want the 
> modeler to have model that, nor do I want the modeler 
> constructing his or her own router.  The modeler should 
> simply drag the router from the parts browser and connect it up.
> Sort of like grabbing an IC from a parts bin.
> Is there a way to accomplish this with GME?
> For those familiar with CoSMIC and PICML, I've looked at how 
> idl2picml imports IDL3 constructs and partially builds a 
> PICML model.  The modeler can then select components from the 
> model browser to build CCM applications.  The modeler can 
> also work with PICML constructs from the parts browser to 
> build new components.  So, with PICML and idl2picml you can 
> both model components and model with components.
> That's not really what I want to do.  I would like to build a 
> paradigm that is good for modeling with routers, but not for 
> creating models of routers.
> Thanks,
> John Black
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