[gme-users] GME tutorial question: a paradigm for routers that have a fixed setof ports?

Ace Thompson acethompson at igniteweb.net
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I think you can get something approximating what you're asking for using
GME's "model library" features.  I.e. you could build these pre-configured
router models and release them in a library file along with your paradigm.
The pre-configured router models won't be part of your language per-se, but
it would be very analogous to (for example) the way in which the standard
C++ library features are considered part of the C++ language. 

You'd have the added benefit of easily allowing yourself to update your
model library or allowing advanced users to muck around if they have to or
want to [that may or may not be a benefit depending on your situation and
perspective :) ]  

Another benefit (again depending on your perspective) is that the model
library is expressed in the same language as "user models", which has the
effect of a) being a good set of "test cases" for stressing out your
language b) being a good set of examples for potential users of your
language c) when you update your language later you can directly use new
features in your library as you need to.  

Arguably this also makes for a cleaner separation between the
"meta-model-space" and the "user-model-space", but that's a pretty
subjective statement.  For example if you are modeling specific router
configurations in your paradigm you'll probably start expressing things in
meta-gmese that might be more naturally expressed in the very same language
you're in the middle of building.  

I think that there has been some relatively recent discussion on some issues
with and changes coming to the GME model library functionality so if this
sounds vaguely useful it might be worth looking closer into whether its
current state could really support what you want.

Good luck,

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I've been working through the long GME tutorials, and have
a question about the way "Routers" are modeled.

Suppose I want to provide the modeler with a paradigm
that includes router models that are *preconfigured* with
a standard set of ports, so that when the router is dragged
from the parts browser it is not necessary to manually add
the ports.  In other words, suppose all of my routers always
have exactly ports "e0", "e1", and "s0", and I don't want
the modeler to have model that, nor do I want the modeler
constructing his or her own router.  The modeler should
simply drag the router from the parts browser and connect
it up.

Sort of like grabbing an IC from a parts bin.

Is there a way to accomplish this with GME?

For those familiar with CoSMIC and PICML, I've looked at how
idl2picml imports IDL3 constructs and partially builds a PICML
model.  The modeler can then select components from the model
browser to build CCM applications.  The modeler can also work
with PICML constructs from the parts browser to build new
components.  So, with PICML and idl2picml you can both model
components and model with components.

That's not really what I want to do.  I would like to build a
paradigm that is good for modeling with routers, but not for
creating models of routers.

John Black

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