[gme-users] BON2 question

Wu, Haojie haojie.wu at Vanderbilt.Edu
Mon Dec 4 10:16:03 CST 2006


I'm trying to find the input from a Model:

BON::Model m = Model(*first);
std::set<BON::FCO> portIns = m->getChildFCOs("PrIn");
if (portIns.size() > 0)
   for (...iterator inp = portIns.begin(); inp != portIns.end(); ++inp)
      std::set<BON::Connection> inConns = (*inp)->getInConnLinks();
      for (....iterator cit = inConns.begin(); cit != inConns.end(); ++cit)
         BON::ConnectionEnd ce = (*cit)->getScr();

The compiler said, getScr is not a member of BON::ConnectionImpl.
Could somebody tell me how to get the other side of ConnectionEnd?

Thanks a lot.

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