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Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
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You have to use the:
public JBuilderModel createNewModel(String partName)
public JBuilderAtom createNewAtom(String partName)
public JBuilderModelReference createNewModelReference(String
refPartName, JBuilderObject refTo)
public JBuilderConnection createNewConnection(String connName,
JBuilderObject source, JBuilderObject destination)
 methods of JBuilderModel  found in JBuilderModel.java.

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Dear GME users 
Hi All 
Please help me about write BON for adding atom to model without drag and
drop atom from partbrowser of GME. 
Note: I designed my metamodel and I can create my model using GUI of the
GME and drag and drop atom from partbrowser but I want design my model
with BON(to prefer java interface) and without drag and drop atom from
partbrowser of GME and I try writing a BON(java interface) for this
context but I can't successful. 
please see my attach file 

Please help me and send sample code 
Best regards 


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