[gme-users] Changing the color of diagram objects?

Jesper Berthing jbe at cfsi.dk
Thu Feb 9 11:39:18 CST 2006


I have raised the question in one of my previous responses to the list, but I have not received any reply. Therefore I will try again, because it seems to be a simple question.


Is it possible to change the color of an object in the diagram, depending on an attribute value of that object.


Model.Enable can be set to true or false, is it possible to do:

"if self.Enable then let self.color = 0x0000FF else self.color = 0x000000 endif" as a 

1. Constraint attached to the object? or

2. Can I use a "if then else" in the general preference field of the object? or

3. Use the Java BON interface to do so?

If it is possible how could it be done?

I know the above will not work I have tried it ;-)


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