[gme-users] C# interpreters & ActiveX controls

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Feb 15 20:36:57 CST 2006


IGmeOleApp's OpenProject expects a connection string of the following form:

However, i experienced problems with it under gme5.9.21, because of some COM implementation details, but the soon-to-come next release fixes this for sure.
[Until then i can recommend using Mga.MgaProject COM object's Open, defined at IMgaProject interface]

Regarding C# interpreters i had an earlier post (about a month ago), if you can't find it i can send it to you.

br, Zoli

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>I'm looking at using GME in two ways, and have some newbie questions on
>1. Writing a C# interpreter to run in GME.
>Since I'm also new to COM, I'm getting nowhere fast at finding the right
>OLE and COM methods to call to plug in the Interpreter. Word on the
>street is someone has done this?
>2. Using the browser ActiveX component to browse projects in .Net
>Just to get started using the GMEActiveBrowser, I tried calling the
>OpenProject method. No luck. What is it expecting?
>Paul Foster
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