[gme-users] Problem witj Java or problem with JBONInterpretor?

Vincent Chapurlat Vincent.Chapurlat at ema.fr
Wed Feb 22 17:44:29 CST 2006

Dear All,

We try to generate Java Bon Interpretor.

We follow the tutorial example (lesson 8) in order to understand how we 
have to do this... and then we intent to test the resulting  
TestBONComponent interpretor... But a window appear saying 'Component 
execution fails!'

Remarks: we have not modified the proposed code of the TestBONComponent, 
the GMESRC directory is installed on the GME directory and the 
interpretor registration by using JavaCompRegister.exe seems succesfull.

Our jm is correctly installed (version 1.5.0) but... Could you help us 
please? What is the default?

Best regards and many thanks for your help

Vincent Chapurlat
Associate Professor
Laboratoire de Genie Informatique
et d'Ingenierie de Production
Parc Scientifique G.Besse
Site EERIE de l'EMA
30035 Nîmes cedex 1

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