[gme-users] How to find out an atom within a folder?

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Jan 3 15:19:43 CST 2006

You can try the following COM based method:
HRESULT ChildFCOs([out, retval] IMgaFCOs **pVal);
to get info about the rootobjects like this:
void CComponent::InvokeEx(CBuilder &builder,CBuilderObject *focus,
CBuilderObjectList &selected, long param) 


CBuilderFolder * myFolder = builder.GetRootFolder();

CComPtr<IMgaFolder> comFolderPtr = myFolder->GetIFolder();

CComPtr<IMgaProject> comProjPtr = builder.GetProject();

CComPtr<IMgaFCOs> childCollPtr;

comFolderPtr->get_ChildFCOs( &childCollPtr);

long cnt;

childCollPtr->get_Count( &cnt);

for( long l = 1; l <= cnt; ++l)


    CComPtr<IMgaFCO> child;

    childCollPtr->get_Item( l, &child);

    CComBSTR nm;

    child->get_Name( &nm);

// ...



br, Zoli

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I have a GME plug-in written in C++ with BON (not BONII). Now I am going
to add a new function to support finding an atom from a folder, which
only contains atoms (no models). When I looked into the APIs in
Builder.h, I tried to use the GetRootObjects method in the
CBuilderFolder class. But it looked like this method doesn't return any
atom within such a folder.
Can I have another way to implement this, i.e., finding an atom from a
Yuehua (Jane) Lin
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham
liny at cis.uab.edu 

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