[gme-users] Problem with icons in the taskbar

Krishnakumar B kitty at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Jan 6 22:36:51 CST 2006

Hi Folks,

On Fri, 06 Jan 2006 06:53:53 PM -0600, Krishnakumar B wrote:
> Hi Attila,
> On Fri, 06 Jan 2006 12:45:40 PM -0600, Attila Vizhanyo wrote:
>> Check the component.rc file:
>> ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
>> /////
>> //
>> // Icon
>> //
>> // Icon with lowest ID value placed first to ensure application icon
>> // remains consistent on all systems.
>> IDI_COMPICON            ICON                    "compicon.ico"
> Both the projects have the same line in the Component.rc file.  But the
> contents of the two compicon.ico files are different.  When I open the dll,
> I can see the correct resource icon, but GME somehow picks up a different
> icon.  Is there some caching going on?
> To open the dll to view the icon embedded as a resource, I did a Tools->
> Folder Options->File Types, and selected any file type, and then clicked
> Advanced->Change Icon, and entered th path to my interpreter DLL.
> Do you have any other suggestions that I should try?

The problem was that the CompIcon.ico had two image types, 32x32,16 colours
and 16x16, 16 colours, and GME by default chooses 16x16, 16 colours.  When
I removed the 16x16, 16 colour image type from the file, and recompiled the
project, GME chose the 32x32, 16 colour version :-)


Krishnakumar B <kitty at dre dot vanderbilt dot edu>
Institute for Software Integrated Systems, Dept. of EECS, Vanderbilt University

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