[gme-users] implementing remove an atom from a model using BON1

Jane Lin liny at cis.uab.edu
Wed Jan 25 10:53:45 CST 2006


I am adding a new function to remove an atom from a model for my GME 
interpreter written with BON1. To implement this, I changed the RemoveAtom 
method of the CBuilderModel class from "protected" access to "public" access 
in Builder.h, then I could call it like:

//before this I found the atom correctly and assign it to foundAtom, then
theParentModel->RemoveAtom((CBuilderAtom *)foundAtom);

It compiled and run successfully, but the atom was still in the model open 
within GME5.9.21.

Anyone has comments on this?

Yuehua (Jane) Lin
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham
liny at cis.uab.edu

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