[gme-users] PyGME a day later

Larry Howard larry.howard at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Jan 26 09:31:15 CST 2006

We have added support for event-based addons to the newly announced Python
GME (PyGME) component generator.  We felt this was important because addons
present additional issues for dispatch-based components, due to the need to
implement a COM interface (IMgaEventSink), and potential users would benefit
from our solution to these issues.
We have also relocated the component registration services from the
XML-based component specification to the generator, and we have improved the
PyGME web page.
For GME users who have never contemplated using a dynamic language for
components, particularly in RAD contexts, I can tell you (as one who has
developed GME components in several languages) that nothing compares to the
speed with which components can be developed and extended in Python.   Due
to the nature of dynamic languages, we have even developed a capability to
create lightweight components that reside within the modeling language
itself, which we call "wizards".  These lightweight components address
situations where tools that support the modeling task are not
paradigm-scoped, but project-scoped or even model-scoped.  Using Python, we
have also developed a web services-based model repository (using Zope's
object-oriented database ZODB) that supports model persistence and model
sharing for our users.
Python-based components are likely more relevant to building interactive
tools than to computationally-intensive outbound transformations of models:
the classical use case for model interpreters.   But aside from a small
class of interpreters where transformation performance is the preeminent
concern (due to the size of models and/or the nature of the transformation),
Python is an excellent alternative for component construction.
The revisions are available at http://cape.vanth.org/Development/PyGME.
Learn more about the open source Python dynamic programming language at
Adaptive Learning Technologies Project (http://cape.vanth.org
<http://cape.vanth.org/> )
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