[gme-users] Multiple views in GME?

Vamshi Raghu vamshi.raghu at mail.mcgill.ca
Sun Jan 29 20:24:14 CST 2006


Just wondering: Along the lines of form designers in Visual Studio, 
would it be possible to implement a "code view" for modeling 
environments generated by GME?

Such a view would have some sort of editable textual representation 
(also, perhaps specified in the metamodel or by other means) of the 
visual model. E.g: for a signal flow model we may have something like:
Microphone mic;
Delay d;
Speaker s;
Also, I would like to allow certain legal changes to the textual 
representation that will be reflected in the visual model when the view 
is set again to visual.

Is it possible to implement such functionality as a plugin or extension 
of GME?


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