[gme-users] Java interface: JBuilderModel/getAttribute

anima at worldonline.de anima at worldonline.de
Mon Jun 26 03:45:02 CDT 2006


I would like to know more about this issue. I'm using even GME 6.5.8 
Java BON, also Java 1.5.x.

Inside of the invokEx() I can get around with getIXXX().
but outside my interpreter seems to get stuck on this call.
Is there any solution?


Amol Bakshi amol.bakshi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 15:36:34 CDT 2005

> Thanks for the pointer.  I managed to get my mi working by modeling 
> closely to the SFDemo example.  I am still not sure exactly what I 
> doing wrong earlier.  Could the reason be the passing of invokeEx()
> first parameter to a subroutine?  Among the many changes I made was
> merging the subroutine into the main body of invokeEx() whereas
> formerly I was copying the JBuilder parameter to a global variable 
> later access from outside invokeEx().
> Thanks
> Amol

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