[gme-users] Regarding XML format in GME

Aditya Agrawal aditya.agrawal at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 21:36:22 CDT 2006

Hi Adi,


If you use the UDM infrastructure you can convert your gme model to an XML
file that will be specific to your metamodel and not specific to GME. 


You might want to try it.






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Dear Zoltan,

Thank you for your reply. I am not going to change the format of the
Meta-Model and its XME format. All that I need is to generate XML format
from the model that was built using the meta-model.

Thnx in advance 


Adi Mallikarjuna Reddy V
IIT Madras
Chennai, India-600036

On 6/29/06, Zoltan Molnar <zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu> wrote: 


you could write your own XML generator, that generates the custom format. 
Then you must write your own parser which populates MGA models based on the
information found in that custom XML file.

Because both the MGa and Meta libraries a COM programmable, you can build up
any metamodel or model from your parser. 

(You probably are aware the amount of work this implies)
br, Zoli

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Is there any flexibility in changing the way that GME generates XML format 
of the Mete Model or model??. I am planning to convert my modeled
application into customized XML format. Is it possible in GME??? If so let
me know how to do it???

Thnx in advance


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