[gme-users] Create connection

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Mar 23 11:50:57 CST 2006

     HRESULT CreateSimpleConn([in] IMgaMetaRole *meta, [in] IMgaFCO *src, [in] IMgaFCO *dst,
            [in] IMgaFCOs *srcrefs, [in] IMgaFCOs *dstrefs, [out, retval] IMgaFCO **newobj);
method of IMgaModel:
void createMyConnection(  
CComPtr<IMgaModel> model, // parent of connection
  CComPtr<IMgaFCO> end1,
  CComPtr<IMgaFCO> end2)
  CComPtr<IMgaMetaRole> metarole;
  metarole = metaRolePtrInByName( model, "<<my_conn_name>>");
  if( metarole && model && end1 && end2)
        CComPtr<IMgaFCO> new_conn;
        COMTHROW( model->CreateSimpleConn( metarole, end1, end2, 0, 0, &new_conn));
CComPtr<IMgaMetaRole> metaRolePtrInByName( CComPtr<IMgaModel> p_model, CComBSTR p_part )
 CComPtr<IMgaMetaFCO> fco_meta;
 if( p_model) COMTHROW( p_model->get_Meta( &fco_meta));
 CComPtr<IMgaMetaModel> model_meta;
 COMTHROW( fco_meta.QueryInterface( model_meta));

 CComPtr<IMgaMetaRole> metarole;
 if( model_meta)
 model_meta->get_RoleByName( p_part, &metarole);

 return metarole;


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Has anybody an example code or guideline how to create a connection between two FCOs through the Raw COM interface in GME (in an interpreter or addon)?

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