[gme-users] Registration failes for interpreters

James Hill hillj at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed May 17 11:37:21 CDT 2006

Hey Folks,

Some customers of ours are having problems registering an interpreter,
well all the interpreters of EVERY machine they have, for our paradigm.
When we try and register the interpreter through GME doing the "Install
New.." we get a fatal error!! When we try and use regsvr32 to manually
register the interpreter, we get return code 0xC0000005. However, I
remember this same problem occuring when I was making a decorator and it
turned out the code that was doing the registration was invalid, e.g.,
using COM and ATL code incorrectly. How did I know?? Because I know COM
and it was apparent when I looked at the code and things were not making
since when verifying the code base using MSDN and COM references guides.
This led me to believe that the same problem was occuring with the
interpreters. So, to get around this, I created a .reg file that would
install all the appropriate entries in the Windows registry, and the
interpreter(s) works are registered and work fine.

So, my question is, "has anyone else run into this problem??" If so, how
did you resolve it?? If not, this is a bug and has anyone reported it.
If it has been reported, has it been resolved in later versions of GME.
Our customers are using GME 5.11.18. This is a HUGE issue b/c it took us
at least 1 week to finally figure out the problem and a solution.



James H. Hill - Ph.D. Student
Research Assistant - ISIS / DOC Group

Microsoft Student Ambassador
Department of EECS / Computer Science Program
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Email: j.hill at vanderbilt.edu 

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