[gme-users] probklems with findByID (BON2)

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Wed Nov 8 13:16:56 CST 2006

It seems that the current implementation of findById disregards object
status, which may be checked with ObjectImpl::getStatus() implemented as

ObjectStatus ObjectImpl::getStatus() const
long lStatus;
COMTHROW( m_spObject->get_Status( &lStatus ) );
switch ( lStatus ) {
case OBJECT_EXISTS :return OST_Exists;
case OBJECT_ZOMBIE :return OST_Zombie;
case OBJECT_DELETED :return OST_Deleted;
default :ASSERTTHROW( Util::Exception( "Unprocessed Object Status!" ) );
So until i implement a fix, please check the status of objects returned
by findById, like this:
Object obj = project->findByID("id-0065-00000008", false);
    project->consoleMsg( "Found", MSG_NORMAL);
    if( obj->getStatus() != OST_Exists)
        project->consoleMsg( "but it's a zombie", MSG_ERROR);


br, Zoli


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Hi All,
I have some extra information to the problem I posted some days ago.
1) When I delete some objects (Atoms) from my model and then execute the
interpreter, the function findByID returns that the delete object still
exists? (How can that be true if I deleted the objects before executing
the interpreter)
2) If I delete some objects from the model, save and close the project
and reopens it again, executes the interpreter. What tries to execute
the function findByID with the ID on the delete objects, an exception is
thown each time. Whereas the documentation says that a NULL object
should be returned.
I have tried to call the function with either true or false as the
secons parameter with no difference.
Has anybody any experience with this function? and its behaviour or any
clue what I could be doing wrong, please help me? ;-)
I am using GME version 6.5.8
Best regards,

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Subject: [gme-users] probklems with findByID (BON2)


I have a problem with the function findByID that throws an exception on
line 50 in bonimpl.cpp.

Currently I am using the function in order to check the current model
against a backup model (XML) where I have the ID's stored of each
object. If the object is present in the current model it functions
correctly, but if it is not present the exception is thrown.

Therefore, how should I use the function?

  if(0 == project->findByID("Id not present in the model", true))
        // Object with id not present
        // Object with id present.
catch(BON::Exception& e)
        //print error

Best regards,

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