[gme-users] Bug?

Joe Porter joe.porter at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 10:35:03 CST 2006

A couple of us have encountered a problem while creating components using
the BON2 framework.  It's a problem with the generated solution file (from
CreateNewComponent.exe) under Visual Studio 2003.

This may have already been addressed/fixed in a later version, but we're
using GME 5.11.18 in class.

I added my own files to the generated project, and then couldn't get them to
build.  In the project settings, the "Additional Include directories" are
./,C:/Program Files/GME/sdk/BON/

I assume those came from the component creator.

Changing the comma above to a semicolon seems to fix the problem:

./;C:/Program Files/GME/sdk/BON/

Is that a known issue?


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