[gme-users] BON extender - how to use the generated files "classes" within BON2 interpreter

Berthing Jesper f35594 at Danfoss.com
Wed Oct 18 14:58:32 CDT 2006


I have used the BON extender in order to make my life easier ;-), but
how is it intended to be used with the generated interpreter files
(BON2Component.h and BON2Component.cpp) ?

I create an object of lets say the generated class
JBETestBonX::JBEModelImpl within my BON2Component.cpp in order to call
the method getJBEAtom(). If the interpreter is invoked from GME it says
"MGAUtil: An Application error has occured in Component
MGA.Interpreter.JBE. The system ....."

I think it is my lack of C++ skills, so therefore any small examples
would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
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