[gme-users] Reference Question

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Fri Oct 27 11:24:58 CDT 2006

We require all references in a metamodel, to have a valid aspect assigned during aspect mapping. 
A reference might have different targets, models among them. These models might define a set of aspects. So such a reference if points to any of these models, might be shown as the referred models. There come the aspect in picture: during Aspect Mapping you configure a preferred aspect for such references, and the preferred aspect must be in the intersection of aspect-sets the models might have, otherwise it might lead to a case when R ref points to M model, and its preferred aspect is X, while M has no X aspect.


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Can anyone tell me what the following error message means?

Error: Reference "StateRef" has no valid aspect.  Intersection of aspects
the referred models might have is empty.


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