[gme-users] OCL Constraint Question in GME

Matthew J. Emerson mjemerson at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Oct 30 09:56:52 CST 2006

You need to use the gme::FCO::getConnectedFCOs OCL methods to retrieve
the other ends of those connections. The methods are documented in the
GME User Manual.





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I have a question regarding OCL constraints. I'm trying to set up
constraints between connected entities. For example, I have a Topic
model that can be connected to 0 or more DataReader models or 0 or more
DataWriter models. The name of the connection in the metamodel for the
DataReaders is "readers" and "writers" for DataWriters. I'm trying to
add a constraint that the number of DataReaders connected to a Topic
must equal the number of DataWriters connected to a topic. The
constraint definition I created is:


self.readers.size() = 



but GME is not happy with this saying:


Attribute [meta::Topic::readers] does not exist

Association [meta::Topic::readers] does not exist

Attribute [meta::Topic::writers] does not exist

Association [meta::Topic::writers] does not exist



Here's the ClassDiagram where I have the relevant connections defined:




Any idea what I need to type in OCL? How do I reference the DataReader
and DataWriter objects/models that are associated with a Topic?





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