[gme-users] Interaction between GME components

Jane Lin liny at cis.uab.edu
Mon Sep 11 15:53:27 CDT 2006


Recently I have been working on integration of two GME plug-in Components, 
one was implemented with BON1 (I call it Plug-in A here), the other was 
implemented with BON2 (I call it Plug-in B here). The intergration features 
I want to implement are:

1. Plug-in B will invoke Plug-in A;

2. Some user input will be passed to Plug-in B by Plug-in A.

I am wondering if any one has done some implementation like this and would 
like to share your sample codes? Or is it possible to implement that with 
current support from GME? If it is possible, what changes I need to bring 
into my plug-in projects?

Thanks in advance for any help,


Yuehua (Jane) Lin
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham
liny at cis.uab.edu

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