[gme-users] how to connect atoms in different models

Christian Brunette Christian.Brunette at irisa.fr
Mon Sep 18 11:29:57 CDT 2006


I think you have to put your connection between ReferenceToAtomB (not B) 
and A.


Nicki Lehmann Møller wrote:

> Hi all!
> Could someone please help me solve my little aspect problem and tell 
> me how to connect atoms placed in different models.
> As can seen on my metamodel (see attachment) I've created a reference 
> between the model-object (ModelA) and the "external" atom (AtomB) 
> which means that I able to create the reference inside the 
> model-object (ModelA). However when I'm using the metamodel and I try 
> to create a connection between two atoms (AtomA and ReferenceToAtomB) 
> I get a paradigm violation stating that I cannot create a connection 
> in the current aspect (WholeAspect). I know that this indicates that 
> something is wrong with my aspect, but I have no clue on what :(  Any 
> suggestions are therefore greatly appreciated.
> -- 
> Kind Regards,
> Nicki
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