[gme-users] Query regarding positional an entity

Akos Ledeczi akos.ledeczi at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Sep 18 21:45:32 CDT 2006


GME stores the position information in the object's registry. It is 
called nameposition and there is an entry for each aspect. (You can 
right click on an object and select Registry in the context menu to 
check this out.) So, you can simply modify the value from your interpreter.

Even easier is to use the autolayout plugin that should appear on your 


damathai at vt.edu wrote:

>Hey there,
>I am developing an BON2 interpreter that creates a state machine after analyzing
>some behavioral description. I have successfully deviced the state machine
>formulation, however if i keep inserting states (BON::Atom) using the static
>create() member function, there is no way to say where this created object
>should be placed. In the visual editor all the objects i insert end up at one
>end of the canvas and i have to sit and place them correct so i can visualize
>the state machine created.
>Is there a way to place the object you create onto the canvas, such that it is
>readable through the visual editor.
>Please do let me, if someone has tried something like this and have faced
>similar problem. I am sure GME does allow some APIs to insert the object in a
>certain location on the visual screen, but i couldnt find any APIs for this in
>the BON2 chapter.
>Thank you,
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