[gme-users] Problem in Library Attachment [in MetaGME]

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Aug 6 16:14:04 CDT 2007

Hi Okan,

[Supposing you refer to projects edited with the MetaGME paradigm]
There is an add-on that runs in the background when a MetaGME project is
edited. Its role is to turn the abstract attribute of <<FCO>>s to true,
anytime an FCO is added.
The addon is called: MetaMAid. That is the culprit here. 
So please turn off that add-on while a project is open (File/Register
Components and select there MetaMAid then press Toggle) and then attach
the library.
After you attached the library you might turn back the add-on if you
feel so.


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> Hello everybody,
> I was trying the GME version 7.6.29. Here is the problem I 
> encountered:
> While attaching a library, if the library model includes a FCO class 
> element, then the GME generates an exception and exits. You 
> can generate the 
> problem simply by creating a project "P1" that includes a FCO 
> element, then 
> try to attach it in another project, say "P2".
> It seems a GME bug. Is there a way to bypass the problem.
> Thanks in advance.
> Okan
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