[gme-users] Constraint definition errors

Sumant Tambe sutambe at dre.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Feb 6 14:08:14 CST 2007

Hi Zoli,

> What does the File/Display Constaints menuitem say about those
> constraints? Are they loaded and turned on or they are disabled?

They seem to be disabled in the Constraint Browser. "Check" button for 
them is disabled.

> Do those constraints use deprecated kindnames, which do not exist
> anymore in the metamodel?

What are deprecated kindnames? It does not use elements that are absent 
in the metamodel. For example following constraint shows definition error,

self.attachingConnections(RootRiskAssociation)->size() >= 1

Note that this same constraint does not give an error when it is edited 
in "Equation" box.



> Zoli
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>>Hi folks,
>>I am getting constraint definition errors to a bunch of constraints 
>>while importing a model from an xme. But while editing the same 
>>constraint in the Equation: box of a constraint, I don't get 
>>any error. In other words, MetaGME does not scream at the 
>>constraint but while 
>>importing a model it does.
>>This happens for the constraints that use 
>>or self.ConnectedFCOs(*). The constraint definition error 
>>says "Neither 
>>Type, Variable, implicit attribute nor implicit Association 
>>(*) exists." 
>>Where in fact the association at the place of * does exist.
>>These errors show up in CQML, which uses PICML as a library 
>>and all the 
>>types involved in the constraint are defined in CQML. Is it an issue 
>>with namespaces?
>>Please let me know if you have any clues.
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