[gme-users] Atom vs model default autorouting

Zoltan Molnar zolmol at isis.vanderbilt.edu
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The "Source AutoRouting/Destination AutoRouting" menu items accessible from the Context menu of an element store their settings in the registry under a node called 'autorouterPref'.
So if you set there (by hand or with a user written component) a value like: NSw, then when used as a source 'NS', when used as a destination the 'w'  will be used. (N=North, S=south, w = west).
If you set the very same value as a generalpreference for a certain FCO in the metamodel, then it will be applied to all instances for that FCO.

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I have a question regarding the default autorouting when a new gme model element is created and connected to another one. I attached two example. The object "a" in "withAtom.gif" is an Atom and in "withModel.gif" is a Model element. I created and connected this object to the two connection points with an Add-On. When "a" is an Atom the autorouting is East-West orientation (the connections start and end  on the East or West side of the object) and when "a" is a Model the autorouting is South-North orientation. My question is: can I change this default orientation (in the AddOn or in the GME setting), because I need an East-West orientation by default and Model elements?

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